The Wonderjuice from South Africa with Aloe Ferox

The Aloe Ferox plant has been used as a medicine in South Africa for generations because of its 75 different vitamins and minerals like vitamins C, E, A and B12, minerals like Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Chrome, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Iron. It also consists of 20 Amino Acids, Ammonia compounds, Carbohydrates, Enzymes, Steroids and anti-inflammatory agents.


Since 1998 TimJan Natural Tonic is produced in South Africa by Tim Pollard und Jan van Wyngaard. It is a mixture made of extracts from South African Aloe Ferox plants and a sweet red wine with no addition of preserving agents.


The highly effective Aloe Ferox causes the following positive effects:

  • immune system strengthening
  • elimination of digestion problems (obstipation)
  • high blood-pressure reduction
  • blood glucose (diabetes) reduction
  • sore healing
  • pain relief in case of incinerations
  • chilblain treatment and osteoarthritis swelling reduction


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The TimJan Christmas present


Christmas is upon us and if you are still looking for an exclusive and healthy gift idea for family, friends, colleagues or business partners, we have just the thing for you. The TimJan Christmas present.


Especially during the Christmas season is eaten more and well, so that the digestion can cause problems. With a spoon TimJan in the evening will be helped effectively. In the days of cookies and other sweet treats especially diabetics are grateful, as many of our long-term loyal customers report better values after the daily sip of TimJan.


The included TimJan soap is good for any skin, especially if it tends to dryness or even dandruff. With Aloe Ferox and pure organic Marula oil it has moisturizing and regenerating properties.


Give health and wellbeing with TimJan.

Save money in December


For those who would like to create a small supply and save a lot, we have again our popular offer in range.


1 box (12 bottles) 0.375 liter TimJan for 99 €. You save 55 euros (99 € instead of 156 €). You also save 15 euros over the same amount of content compared to the big bottles.


By the way: TimJan is unopened best before several years. The best conditions are cool, dry and dark storage.


This offer is valid until 31.12.2017.

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