Aloe Ferox

Aloe Ferox grows wild in many parts of South Africa, but especially in the sunny Cape, far from civilization and environmental problems. Wild growth also means 100% ecological quality of the valuable ingredients.


Aloe Ferox is non-toxic and has no undesirable side effects on the body.


Effect of Aloe Ferox

  • immune system strengthening
  • elimination of digestion problems (intestinal constipation)
  • high blood-pressure reduction
  • blood glucose (diabetes) reduction
  • sore healing
  • pain relief in case of incinerations
  • chilblain treatment
  • osteoarthritis swelling reduction
  • In many national and international publications the positive effect of Aloe Ferox is highlighted.
  • Under the menu item "Medical Benefits" you will find the publication of medical science findings on the effects of Aloe Ferox substances.