TimJan Face- and Bodysoap

TimJan Face & Body Soap is an unique combination of the finest glycerine and extracts of indigenous South African botanicals, Aloe Ferox and fully organic Marula Oil in a scientifically balanced formulation. TimJan Soap is gently soothing, cleansing and moisturizing and will not strip the skin of its natural oils.


USAGE & APPLICATION: For improved results, wet a small section of the soap bar and work into a lather before applying to dry or affected areas of the skin. This may be allowed to dry and left on the skin before gently rinsing with warm water.


SHAVING: TimJan Soap may also be used for shaving. Work a small amount into a lather and apply by hand or with a shaving brush.


BOTANICALS: Aloe Ferox (Cape Aloe) is the Southern African “sister” of Aloe Vera and is widely used for its internal and topical health promoting properties. The leaf extract used in TimJan Soap contains a wealth of nutrients, including polysaccharides, amino acids, minerals, organic acids, oils and lipids, enzymes and other biologically active compounds. Aloe Ferox is also a very powerful anti-oxidant.


Marula Oil is rich in Oleic Acid which is an essential component in maintaining healthy skin. The combination of its high nutritional value and excellent stability make it the ideal choice for cosmetic formulae. Marula Oil has anti-aging properties, re-hydrates the skin, reduces redness and irritation, is essential in trans-epidermal water loss and replacement (TEWL) and increases skin smoothness. The oil also has exceptionally high Vitamin E and anti oxidant values.